Window Awnings Queensland

Shade your Home from the Blinding Brisbane Sun

Is the ugly glare on your television screen getting on your nerves? Concerned about neighbours or passers-by peeping into your household? Worried that the harsh Queensland sun entering your home will damage your furniture and your family photographs on display? Then you need to start considering installing awning frames and outdoor blinds or shade sail Gold Coast.

Awning frames or outdoor blinds, like the ones from “Coastwide Shade Sails, can be outfitted to your home’s porch to give you that privacy and the power to control the amount of light streaming into your home. Awnings and blinds are designed to block direct sunlight when closed, and allow full light to enter when rolled open. Coastwide Shades offer different types of systems that will allow you to adjust your shades and blinds. We can customise and install rope and pulley systems, auto with arms and guides, spring loaded pull up and down, and tracking systems. Not only do awnings and blinds maximise your home’s outdoor space, keep out the unwanted UV rays into your interior, but they are also easily operable and adjustable.

Additionally, Coastwide Shade Sails’ awnings and blinds present various light-filtering treatments for your home. Although you want to keep out harsh glares from the sun, you may still want a bit of natural light sifting through your windows.  Coastwide Shade Sails offer Somerton View woven awning mesh or Somerton Acrylic semi block-out canvas that would be ideal if you prefer awnings or blinds that allow a certain amount of light in. These types of materials protect your rooms and family members from harmful UV rays, but also still allow a comfortable amount of natural light. If you want to completely block out sunlight, then they also have Somerton block-out canvas and tinted PVC.

Awning frames or outdoor blinds are not only cost-effective, they can also delightfully complement your home’s windows or patios. Coastwide Shade Sails even offer Café Style awnings on rope and pulley that will give your porch that classy bistro look feel. Coastwide Shade Sails’s awnings and blinds also come in different trendy colors.


Awning and Shade Sails in Businesses

In many cities of Queensland such as Brisbane, owning either a shade sail or an awning gives an impact not just to the people from protection under the sun, but also the things we want to take care of such as plants or the longevity of the color of the house and such.

Owning or buying shade sails is not only for houses but also good for businesses such as restaurants, resorts, and garden centres. In restaurants it enhances the ambiance and comfort of the guests while protecting them from UV rays.

Awnings, on the other hand, are mostly used by commercial businesses for entrance canopies, covered walkway solutions, or back-lit sign awnings.

Commercial awnings are a great way to gain exposure for one’s business. It provides a professional appearance while promoting the business. Just like shade sails, awnings provide great weather protection, and give identity or decoration. Awnings can be seen on large chain stores, banks, and other franchise companies.