Deciding on Buying an Outdoor Shade Sail

Shade Sails Gold Coast

If you are contemplating on buying a Gold Coast outdoor shade sail  for your home, there are important considerations you need to take into account, primarily what type should you buy. Here are some key points to consider:


How big is your yard? As you may already know, shade sails come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. By taking the time to determine the size of your yard, you can whittle down your options. Ideally, for large spaces, a rectangle or a square shade offers better coverage, which triable and unique shapes are best for smaller spaces.


How much shade do you require? The size of your backyard may not necessarily reflect just how much shade you require. Do you want full coverage or just a shade for a specific section of your yard? By taking the time to answer this question, you will have a better idea what size of the shade sail you require.


Colour is also an important consideration, if you want to make sure it will complement your exterior. Take into account the colour of your exterior and the existing fixtures and colours of your outdoor space.

Shade Sails for Pools

If you are planning to acquire shade sails for your pool, bear in mind that not all fabric types are suitable for this application. Chlorine from the evaporated pool water can damage certain fabrics, which means you need to steer clear from tarp types and plastic.

Extended Use

How long do you plan to leave it up? There are heavy duty shade sails that are designed to withstand a lot of weathering and extended use throughout the year. However, most are best taken down during off season.  

By taking the time to ask these questions, you are better guided on which shade sail would best fit your specific requirements for your home on the Gold Coast.

Ways of Selecting Right Blinds for Window Cover

Shade Sail Gold Coast


The choices available for shade sails and window blinds Gold Coast can make the simple task quite daunting. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one best fits your needs. While outdoor shade sails require careful consideration, one should also not discount the importance of choosing the right blinds for window cover.

Here are some question to consider:


The window treatments are made with difficult construction, offering various degrees of light filtration. There are certain shades that are designed to offer full coverage and block out the light, which others simply filter light which still provide privacy.

Security & Privacy

Are the windows near the street or your neighbour’s house? Is the window located on the ground floor? By taking into account the location of the windows, you are better equipped to determine what type of window shade to choose.


Would you want to completely block the view from top to bottom? Or would you want a doufold variety? If you still want to enjoy the view outside while providing great coverage, consider getting sheerweave shades or the solar shade variety.

UV Protection

Window treatments can offer decent protection from harmful UV rays, which is important for preventing fabric damage on carpets and furniture. Take into consideration the material and fabric of your window shades.


A strategic choice of window shades can help you reduce energy costs. You will want to choose window shades that are great insulators during winter. Among the great energy efficient shades are the cellular variety and the honeycomb shades with a unique cell pattern.

Care & Cleaning

When you are shopping for window shades, take into account the application. For kitchens, you will want to choose a blind that is easier to clean and maintain.