pvc shade sails

Significant Role of PVC Sails and Membranes

When it comes to choosing shade sails on the Gold Coast, you don’t simply consider the brand, but more importantly, the type of materials used, and part of those are PVC Sails and membranes. With the serious health risks that come with direct sun exposure, shade sails have been widely recognised as a practical investment for most Australian homes. 

PVC Shade Sails

Among the pioneers of shade sails Gold Coast is Coastwide Shade Sails, which offers a wide variety of shade sail materials you can choose from. Among the popular picks are the PVC sails, mainly due to its waterproof material. 

PVC shade sails are mainly made of polyester weave coated with PVC on both sides. This allows the fabric to provide optimum weather protection. In most cases, plasticizers are added to allow the material better flexibility, making it easier to install and handle. 

PVC fabrics are available in various grade of tension strength, weight as well as tear strength.  On average, PVC shades can stand up to 10-15 year lifespan and some are known to last for 20 years with proper maintenance and care. 


If you are looking for lightweight and sturdy shade sail structures, consider choosing tension membranes, which can be designed to span across large distances. This material can also be designed and shaped to specific preference and requirements.  

Among the popular options are translucent membranes as it allows the natural light to permeate, which significantly reduces the need for artificial light during daytime. During nighttime, lighting can be bounced off by the shade’s reflective fabric, which results in the reduction in the energy consumptions through the use of low-wattage lighting. 

In summary, PVC Sails and membranes are widely preferred when it comes to Gold Coast shade sails for its lightweight construction, flexibility, and durability — qualities that are highly valued when investing in a shade sail.