Shade Sail Patio

How to Choose and Style the Perfect Shade Sail Patio

If your outdoor space already has great furniture and a barbeque in place, adding shade sails is a no-brainer. When creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for your loved ones, a shade sail easily fits the bill. The question is, how do you pick the perfect one for you?

No Science

The short answer to this question is there is no real formula or science when it comes to choosing the ideal shade sail. Of course, salespeople at Coastwide Shade Sails can offer expert assistance but ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference.

Here are some questions you need to take into account when choosing a shade sail:

  • How much space do you want to cover?
  • Do you have a specific shape in mind?
  • Where do you plan to affix the shade sail?
  • Do you have a specific colour preference to match your outdoor design?


In general, triangle-shaped shade sails offer lesser coverage than the square ones. However, triangle sails are popular mainly because it is spatially flexible and can easily fit smaller areas. In addition, with one less fixing point to contend with, you can be more imaginative in its installation.


Like many, the main reason why you want to invest in shade sails is for the coverage it offers. With this in mind, you need to check how sunlight and rainwater will hit your shade sail. It is recommended that you create an angle that slope away to one side to avoid having rainwater does not pool in the middle.


While some people prefer to DIY the installation of shade sails, it is generally best to work with professional installers like the ones from Coastwide Shade Sails. Not only because we have the expertise and the right tools available, you want to ensure optimum use and longevity of your investment.