Ways of Selecting Right Blinds for Window Cover

Shade Sail Gold Coast


The choices available for shade sails and window blinds Gold Coast can make the simple task quite daunting. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one best fits your needs. While outdoor shade sails require careful consideration, one should also not discount the importance of choosing the right blinds for window cover.

Here are some question to consider:


The window treatments are made with difficult construction, offering various degrees of light filtration. There are certain shades that are designed to offer full coverage and block out the light, which others simply filter light which still provide privacy.

Security & Privacy

Are the windows near the street or your neighbour’s house? Is the window located on the ground floor? By taking into account the location of the windows, you are better equipped to determine what type of window shade to choose.


Would you want to completely block the view from top to bottom? Or would you want a doufold variety? If you still want to enjoy the view outside while providing great coverage, consider getting sheerweave shades or the solar shade variety.

UV Protection

Window treatments can offer decent protection from harmful UV rays, which is important for preventing fabric damage on carpets and furniture. Take into consideration the material and fabric of your window shades.


A strategic choice of window shades can help you reduce energy costs. You will want to choose window shades that are great insulators during winter. Among the great energy efficient shades are the cellular variety and the honeycomb shades with a unique cell pattern.

Care & Cleaning

When you are shopping for window shades, take into account the application. For kitchens, you will want to choose a blind that is easier to clean and maintain.

More Shade Sails Maintenance Tips

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In the previous articles, we covered the top three maintenance tips for preserving the beauty and function of your Gold Coast shade sails, especially for those living on the Gold Coast. Here are some more shade sails maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Check the Fabric

From time to time, it is a good practice to check the fabric for weak patches and spots that come from usual wear and tear over time, which can develop into holes. This will not only mar the beauty of your shade sail, it can render it useless. When you start seeing weak patches, contact your Gold Coast shade sails supplier. They can help remedy the problem or perhaps provide replacement, if needed.

Inspect the Edges

Aside from checking for weak spots, you should also regularly check the edges of your shade sails. Look for signs of loosening or fraying among the threads, which can be possible wear from the stretching of the fabric. Inform your supplier of this so they can recommend a solution. You should not attempt to fix or sew it as it can lead to more damage to your shade sail.

Check Anchor Points and Posts

It is also good practice to test the sturdiness of the posts where your shade sails are attached. Check for any signs of wobbling and be sure to make necessary measures to fix or reinforce the posts. If left unchecked, it can potentially impair the shade sail or worse, pose harm on people and destroy nearby structures.

If you are using posts made of iron for your shade sails, you also need to check for rusting, including the nuts and bolts as well as other metal connectors. If you notice early signs of rusting, clean the affected area to remove the rust and spray it with anti-rust solution. However, if the post is already badly affected by rust, replace the entire post right away.

If you’re from the Gold Coast or Brisbane area and need assistance with your shade sail, feel free to contact Coastwide Shade Sails, we’ll be more than happy to help!

window blinds

Do’s & Don’ts in Shopping for Blinds

Are you contemplating on getting Gold Coast blinds for your home? Aside from shade sails that add a wonderful finishing touch to your exterior, blinds offer a great way to update your living space without spending a fortune. Before you go shopping for window blinds, it is highly recommended to do your homework to best determine which would work best for you.
Form and function are two main considerations when choosing window blinds. They are not only designed to filter out sunlight and provide privacy, blinds can also make or break the overall look of your home.
Here are some tips from the blinds installation experts from Coastwide Shade Sails:

If They Don’t Match, Don’t Force It

It is important to carefully take into account your existing interior design when choosing your window blinds. While you may like the colour of a particular design, it may end up sticking out like a sore thumb against your interiors. If the colours are not properly coordinated, it will may make your house look disorganised and busy.
Try to do colour blocking, keeping in mind that the blinds should blend in seamlessly to your current home décor.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality should be a main consideration when choosing window blinds. As it everything else, quality dictate the longevity of your blinds. It’s a great investment for your home that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Leave It to the Experts

A lot of people often think that the installation of window blinds is relatively easy that they can just DIY. If you don’t have the right tools and experience, it’s best to commission expert installers like Coastwide Shade Sails. Otherwise, you may run the risk of doing inadvertent damage.

Hold Back on the Painting

If you are planning a home makeover, it is best to purchase the blinds and curtains first before you paint the house. This will give you more freedom to choose the blinds and curtains and select the paint colour to complement your choices.


FAQ on Shade Sail Installation

If you are looking for a great alternative to verandas and pergolas, you should consider shade sail Gold Coast which is also known to provide ample protection against the sun. It offers an affordable option for people who want to enjoy their outdoor spaces and at the same time add a nice design element to the house exterior. 

Aside from contracting the services of professionals like Coastwide Shade Sails, what are the requirements during the installation process? Are shade sails covered by certain rules and regulations? Here’s a guide and answers to commonly asked questions on shade sail installation: 

Permeable Material

Wherever you are in Australia, you will find that there is one regulation pertaining to shade sails that stays the same – permeability. If you want to skip the process of acquiring a permit, you need to choose a shade sail that is made of permeable material. If you are unsure, you may consider checking with your local Council. 

Size Matters

While there are certain regions that do not require a building permit in the installation of shade sails, there is a set of criteria that needs to be taken into account. Among the common ones is the stipulation of the size that should not exceed 20 metres. When shopping, check with your salesperson from Coastwide Shade Sails for suitable options for residential or commercial applications, whichever apply.

Height Considerations

Normally, you will not be required a permit if the height is under 3 metres. However, there are some councils that may require one regardless of height so it’s best to ask first. There are certain localities that are stricter than others, so it’s always best to check.


Securing a permit will mean shelling out cash, which may depend on the estimated value of the building work to be done. Normally, it will be around $45 to $90. There is also the expense that comes with acquiring a structural engineer design, specifically for commercial applications. It is best to seek professional advice in your local area.

Shade Sails Maintenance Tips

In general, shade sails are specifically designed with highly durable materials and excellent construction. However, in order to extend the life of your Gold Coast shade sails, regular maintenance is also required. This will ensure the shade sails will perform its function, mainly in providing protection against the harmful UV rays and providing a reliable shade all year round. Of course, you will also want to preserve its beauty in the coming years.

Here are some shade sail maintenance tips:

1. Installation is Key

Shade sails are available in different sizes. There are some varieties that are small enough that you can easily install on your own without professional help. However, it is important to keep in mind that professional Gold Coast shade sail installers are available to ensure that it is installed securely to avoid any mishaps.
Improper installation of your shade sail can lead to more problems and potentially unnecessary expenses that may arise in damaged material and compromised safety of your family.

2. Regular Cleaning

Since shade sails are installed outdoors, it can be exposed to a lot of elements that may cause stains, such as bird droppings and wet leaves, just to mention a few. Regularly cleaning your shade sail will prevent stains from seeping into the fabric and threads, as well as discourage the growth of mildew and mould.
When it comes to cleaning your shade sail, never use a high-pressure water. Simply use a brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt and other debris.

3. Avoid Using Strong Detergents

While shade sails are generally constructed with highly durable materials, it is advisable not to use strong detergents for cleaning. This is because these detergents contain harsh chemicals such as halogens and Sulphur. You should also avoid using chlorine treated water. Instead, use mild detergents or dishwashing liquid as it does the job in removing stains without damaging the shade sail fabric.


Awnings Gold Coast Windows and the Problem of Glare

Gold Coast Awnings provide protection to repel the harsh sunlight & protect your home or business from common elements such as rain. Aside from the major business centres and the most urbanised locations that litter themselves with tall office buildings, most structures in Queensland—including the Gold Coast—sport much more modest sizes in terms of storeys. The typical suburban home or property consists of one to two storey living spaces surrounded by ideally proportionate yards, and the small-to-middle tier businesses and commercial properties that thrive in the area tend to sprawl instead of stack up. The familiar sight of well-manicured lawns and wooden picket fences in the suburbs, and the homey-friendly styles of business locales successfully paint a quaint theme of small-town living even in the modern bustling hub of culture and commerce that is the Gold Coast.

Typically, with such a successfully realised aesthetic, anyone would be remiss disturb the look of his or her own home or establishment with home improvement solutions or accessories that don’t add to the overall ‘look and feel’. Sadly, some changes are a consequence of need and can’t be avoided.

Take the constant fight against sun glare, for example. One would think that for an area where most buildings are only a few storeys tall, this would not be a particularly big problem; but the otherwise fortunate weather profile of the Gold Coast—which is mostly sunny days with interspersed showers during the rainy season—is precisely why glare is a more prevalent occurrence than most other places in more temperate climates. Early in the day, and in the afternoons a few hours before sunset, the sunlight easily passes at an angle through uncovered windows and exposed patios. Even on midday, reflected sunlight from walls or pavements creates a secondary glare that blasts both light and heat through those same areas. Awnings are employed as a functional protection to repel the sunlight, although traditionally this has a habit of disturbing the intended cosmetic designs of the window or patio.

With the right outdoor solutions provider, this won’t be a problem. There are dozens of tasteful types and designs offered by experienced installers like Coastwide Shade Sails that can accommodate any kind of cosmetic specification. Sturdy frames and quality awning fabrics are also very important not only to the longevity of the installation but also to the overall ability of the awning to protect against the common elements of sun and rain.

Brisbane Shade and Sails

Gold Coast Shade Sails Options for Style Seekers

There are a plethora of options when looking for Gold Coast Shade Sails to match one’s living environment. There are a variety of sizes, designs, colours, material, and quality to choose from. Such is the nature of the competitive market of tough fabrics and outdoor solutions. But perhaps this abundance of choice isn’t so much an effect of materials becoming cheaper as they are a signal that more and more people are becoming more aware of the advantages of outdoor shades sails, and are clamouring for new and better solutions based on quality, as well as variety. This is most certainly the case in most parts of the country today, including the Gold Coast.

The near-ubiquity of blue, cloudless skies and overall sunny weather throughout the year might appeal to tourists, but the typical Gold Coaster knows that there is a lot more to it than enjoying the day on beaches and boardwalks, frolicking in parks, and experiencing nature in all its glory. Sometimes there can be too much sun. Any property owner knows, whether residential or commercial, that it is a pain to see a good chunk of your space being under-utilised—especially during the midday. That is why it has become common to use stylish Gold Coast Shade Sails to cover exposed frontages and reclaim previously unusable backyards. Patios, paved walkways, and outside property perimeters that were previously a ‘no man’s land’ at certain times during the day are now able to be used in the most aesthetically-pleasing ways possible.

Many manufacturers offer a lot of colour choices, but the durability of the fabric, as well as the fittings used for the installation, are what separate the common offerings from the truly dependable ones like the shade sails made and installed by Coastwide Shade Sails. Their waterproof sales are made from industry-recognised, commercial-grade fabrics; and their modern heterogeneous designs don’t sacrifice good looks for durability. For those who want to synergise the styles of their standing structure and the shade sails without compromising quality, these folks, with their years of installation expertise and experience, are the best option.

Window Blinds

Popular Window Blinds: Gold Coast Styles

In the discipline of interior and home design, there is often the debate of whether form or function is the primary consideration. In both schools of thought, there is no question that both aspects are important—it’s just a matter of which one is contingent on the other. Designs can be planned out by considering the usefulness of the layout first—the optimal positioning of the furniture and the appropriateness of the lighting fixtures, and only then incorporating a design that fits them best. Or one can decide on a given aesthetic and base one’s subsequent planning and position from there. Whichever side one happens to agree on, there are essential objects which embody both design and function on equal footing.

Window blinds are an example. There is a need for them to be equally functional and stylish. Modern residences, commercial structures, business, and service places all prefer blinds to the traditional curtains nowadays. Never mind the vast difference in ease of manipulation and maintenance that blinds have over curtains, these modern aesthetic ‘accentuators’ are cheaper and more versatile than their pre historic counterparts. While curtains are unwieldy to draw and separate, there are multiple mechanisms that are employed on blinds that not only complement their style but also make their operation easier.

One of the most popular mechanisms for blinds is the more traditional rope and pulley system. The fabric is easily raised or lowered by pulling on the rope attached to the pulley embedded on the top rail. The most advantageous aspect of this mechanism is its relative cheapness yet comparable functionality when compared to the other types.

Another type is the spring-loaded pull-up-and-down type. This is most common for roller blinds. There is no need to exert one’s self when manipulating this mechanism. To drape the blind simply pull on the bottom of the fabric to the desired length and let go. The mechanism will automatically lock the blind in place. To put away the blind, simply pull on the bottom portion again and let go; this should disengage the lock on the blind and roll it up automatically at a safe speed.

Then there are the automatic blinds with arms and guides. These employ a rotor system to engage and disengage, dispensing of manual work altogether. Its arms guide it to the right position.

Of course, the best thing to consider when opting for any one of these mechanisms is the expertise of the installer. Blind installations are often the deciding factor for the overall functionality and lifespan of your blinds. Only commission experienced installers like Coastwide Shade Sails on the Gold Coast to make sure your blind installations achieve their purpose of reduced hassle, rather than adding to them.

Outdoor umbrellas

Outdoor Spaces and Umbrellas: Brisbane Climate Chronicles

Most residences take very good care of their yards by putting umbrellas Gold Coast. The outside perimeter of the property showcases as much—or more—character than the interior of the building. It is the bearer of the first impression, the ‘best foot forward’, the elegant curtsy before the first dance. Quite poetic, but judging by the obvious amount of attention property owners give to their outside perimeters—with their manicured lawns, stylishly tiled landings, and other outdoor accessories—outdoor spaces deserve at least the same amount of scrutiny as indoor spaces.

But whether you’re an owner of a private residence or a place of business, the glaring problem of outdoor areas seems to be: that it’s hard to utilize the available spaces efficiently when you are exposed to the harsh tendencies of nature. Sun, rain, and wind are the most common culprits of under-utilized yards; sentencing otherwise fun functions like parties, family days, and friendly gatherings—which are ideally outdoor activities, by the way—to the less-suited, less-natural, stifling indoors. For a place like Brisbane, where the weather is more often nice than not, this is most certainly a deal-breaker.

Fortunately, there is a low-cost yet fitting solution to this problem. Outdoor umbrellas like the ones provided by Coastwide Shade Sails are perfect for taking back the functionality and fun of any outdoor space. Composed of sturdy materials from pole to fabric, these trusty tropical shades will not only provide the much-needed respite from the elements but will also accentuate the style of any yard. As expected, multiple fabric designs are readily available for use. Versatility is simply a non-issue, as these swinging umbrellas are designed to be raised, lowered, and swung 360 degrees, depending on one’s changing preference, or as the weather calls for it. As for their robustness against the weather, these shade umbrellas can withstand winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. You can never go wrong with these things; installing shade umbrellas on your outdoor spaces will grant you the maximization you’ve always wanted for your property.

Brisbane Outdoor Umbrellas

Gold Coast Umbrella Aesthetic: Outdoor Fun in Any Weather

The metropolitan vibe of the populous state of Gold Coast may not exactly conjure images of nature activities and “fun in the sun”, but as any east coast sightseer would readily attest, this quintessential traveling hub offers its own share of surprises. A concrete jungle bustling with life—Brisbane is, after all, the third most populated city in the country— Brisbane’s daily corporate commotion belies the fact that it is surrounded by natural beauty. Residents and savvy folk who are all too familiar with this are also all too keen on taking advantage. Thus, there is fun to be had in the sun in Brisbane: from strolling through the City Botanic Gardens, to interacting with the Koalas in the Koala Sanctuary, to witnessing the breathtaking view of the cityscape atop Mt. Coot-tha.

There is an uplifting, almost tropical, aesthetic to these renowned outdoor spots. Outdoor umbrellas made of vinyl or superior fabrics often accompany the scenery, but take nothing away from their beauty. That’s because these outdoor umbrellas come in a dazzling array of tasteful colours and patterns. Yes, in most of the outdoor fun spots of the city—the leisure areas, the boardwalks like in South Bank, the culture centres, and surrounding areas are dotted with these welcome respites from the sun. More often than not, the weather’s always agreeable in Brisbane; but there is such a thing as too much sun!

This Gold Coast ‘umbrella aesthetic’ is hardly coincidental. But much of it was made possible by the availability of versatile outdoor umbrellas that didn’t compromise style for functionality or vice versa. Local manufacturers like Coastwide Shade Sails have been providing local businesses and homes with these umbrellas for over twenty years. The fact that these umbrellas have pretty much become a major component to the city’s half-and-half identity of metropolis and outdoor-adventure destination is a testament to their consistent quality. Oh, and it helps that they’re pretty darn useful and nice to look at when employed at a local al fresco joint near the boardwalk.