Reduce the glare, the peeping stare, the wind and the rain,
Increase your privacy, your living space occupancy;
Install a blind or awning frame.
Clear café-style on rope and pulley,
Or a track that glides up and down.
Add value and style, an affordable look,
Your home will be the talk of the town.
Canvas, vinyl or awning mesh,
In colours that will delight.
Cover your windows, enclose your patio,
Screening for day and night.


  • Café Style Rope & Pulley Systems
  • Auto with Arms and Guides
  • Spring Loaded Pull up & down
  • Tracking Systems


Clear or Tinted PVC

Flexible Achilles .75mm UV stabilized PVC

Download Clear PVC product flyer

Somerton View
Somerton Acrylic
Somerton Canvas