5 Reasons Why We Should Rely on Outdoor Shade Sails

Shade sails are by no means cheap, which is why it is important for buyers to do their homework before buying one. Is it the right solution for your home? Will you be able to get the most out of your investment? The experts at Coastwide Shade Sails has provided the top 5 key benefits of owning one.

1. Protection from UV Rays

By installing shade sails, you and your family can enjoy the outdoor space without worrying about the harmful UV rays. If you want to encourage your kids to go out and play more, then shade sails are known to provide up to 98.8% protection from the UV rays. It also presents a pleasant area where your loved ones can gather an enjoy an outdoor meal everyone in a while.

2. Ventilation and Cooling

Australia can be known to be hot and humid, which explains why shade sails have become an increasingly popular choice among residential owners. The fabric of shade sails allows considerable airflow through the fabric while providing sun protection.

3. Energy Savings

A lot of people often overlook this benefit when buying shade sails. If your air-conditioning system is the main culprit for your high electricity bills, installing shade sails outside will allow a free flow of air while still allowing a significant amount of light to enter your living space.

4. Form & Function

One great advantage of having shade sails is its ability to enhance your outdoor living space. Shade sails as you know comes in different colours, patterns and configuration. If you want to add a pop of colour or complement your existing outdoor design, you will enjoy going through the options available at Coastwide Shade Sails.

5. Easy Maintenance

Shade sails come with a minimum of 10 years warranty, which means, it’s built to last for a longer period of time with minimal maintenance. It is also resistant to rain, snow and hail, which means you can definitely expect on getting your money’s worth.

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