Outdoor Shade Blinds

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Shade Blinds Treatment Ideas

For people who want to spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces at the same time enhancing its beauty, shade sails and outdoor shade blinds present a great investment idea. In particular, the installation of new outdoor shade blinds is a fast and effortless way to add more style and personality to your outdoor living space at the same time give you a degree of privacy from prying eyes.

As one of the authorities in shade sails and outdoor shade blinds, Coastwide Shade Sails offers these valuable tips to help you in the selection and buying process:

Define Specific Needs

When purchasing outdoor shade blinds, consider which benefits and features are the most important to you:

  • Aesthetics
  • Protection
  • Light Control
  • Energy Saving
  • Privacy

By taking the time to establish which considerations should be given importance, you will be better guided in your choice.

Types of Outdoor Shade Blinds Available

After you have determined the main purpose of investing in outdoor shade blinds, it is equally important to know the different options available to you.

Verandah Blinds

If you require more shelter and privacy at the same time still allow light to get through, the verandah blinds offer a good option. It comes in a wide variety of colours to choose from, allowing you more versatility and a better compromise between form and function.

Retractable Blinds

If you are looking for outdoor shade blinds that offer maximum protection against the sun, the retractable awnings and blinds are a solid choice as it is known to block up to 80% of the damaging UV rays. The materials used in retractable blinds are mostly colourfast and water resistant. It can also be fitted with locking brackets to prevent the blinds from flapping in the wind.

Patio Blinds

If you enjoy entertaining in your outdoor space, clear or tinted PVC plaster blinds can be a great choice. It can effectively resist the elements, including the sun’s glare. When buying patio blinds, make sure to choose the double stitch variety and those that come with precision welded seams and reinforced zips.

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