You Should Experience Queensland Blinds At Least Once in Your Lifetime and Here’s Why

For anyone living in Australia, investing in blinds and awnings present a very practical investment, as it delivers on both form and function. In particular, you will want to look into the full array of Queensland blinds available at Coastwide Shade Sails, which promises to give you that aesthetic value for your living interiors at the same time the privacy and shade you need.

Not quite convinced? Here are some benefits that are definitely difficult to dismiss:

Control Light

By installing window blinds, you can better control the amount of light entering a particular room. Whether you want to fully block out the sun’s rays or part the windows to allow enough sunlight to filter through, the decision is yours. Depending on your preference and requirements, check the distance of the slates on the window blinds.

Choose Materials

With window blinds, you will be surprised to know the different materials available at Coastwide Shade Sails. Whether you want wooden blinds to match your furniture in the living room, you can choose faux wood, bamboo or other materials to suit your fancy and budget.

Enjoy Privacy

Unlike curtains, blinds are known to offer you greater privacy and flexibility. If privacy is an important requirement, consider installing top down shades, which can also give you a greater level of privacy.

Easy Maintenance

Last but not the least, one of the main reasons why blinds are widely popular is the fact that it’s easier to maintain. It simply requires a quick wipe from time to time to remove accumulated dust. Unlike curtains that require regular washing, blinds offer a far more convenient, fuss-free option. In addition, it is also more durable, most especially if you invest in aluminium or wooden blinds.

Outdoor Shade Blinds

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Shade Blinds Treatment Ideas

For people who want to spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces at the same time enhancing its beauty, shade sails and outdoor shade blinds present a great investment idea. In particular, the installation of new outdoor shade blinds is a fast and effortless way to add more style and personality to your outdoor living space at the same time give you a degree of privacy from prying eyes.

As one of the authorities in shade sails and outdoor shade blinds, Coastwide Shade Sails offers these valuable tips to help you in the selection and buying process:

Define Specific Needs

When purchasing outdoor shade blinds, consider which benefits and features are the most important to you:

  • Aesthetics
  • Protection
  • Light Control
  • Energy Saving
  • Privacy

By taking the time to establish which considerations should be given importance, you will be better guided in your choice.

Types of Outdoor Shade Blinds Available

After you have determined the main purpose of investing in outdoor shade blinds, it is equally important to know the different options available to you.

Verandah Blinds

If you require more shelter and privacy at the same time still allow light to get through, the verandah blinds offer a good option. It comes in a wide variety of colours to choose from, allowing you more versatility and a better compromise between form and function.

Retractable Blinds

If you are looking for outdoor shade blinds that offer maximum protection against the sun, the retractable awnings and blinds are a solid choice as it is known to block up to 80% of the damaging UV rays. The materials used in retractable blinds are mostly colourfast and water resistant. It can also be fitted with locking brackets to prevent the blinds from flapping in the wind.

Patio Blinds

If you enjoy entertaining in your outdoor space, clear or tinted PVC plaster blinds can be a great choice. It can effectively resist the elements, including the sun’s glare. When buying patio blinds, make sure to choose the double stitch variety and those that come with precision welded seams and reinforced zips.


How Outdoor Blinds Protect Your Home

Are you contemplating on investing in outdoor blinds for your home but not quite sure if it’s worth the expense? Read on and understand the value it can offer to your home.

For any residential owner, the safety and well-being of loved ones is the number one priority. And like many, you will probably go to great lengths to ensure everyone is protected, which includes investing in a good quality home security system and strong locks.

One of the overlooked protection that you should consider is adding window coverings. By choosing the right blinds for your home, you can take an additional step in protecting the privacy, health and safety of your family and possessions.

Outdoor Blinds Protects Privacy

One effective way to deflect prying eyes is to install outdoor blinds and shades. At Coastwide Shade Sails, you will be amazed at the wide variety of colours, designs and materials to choose from.

By installing blinds, you can maintain privacy and avoid unnecessarily exposing your interiors to unwanted attention. In fact, there are outdoor blinds that have optional privacy and blackout liners, if you feel the need for it.

Sun Protection

As you know, the intense UV rays can cause skin damage, which is why many cannot enjoy their outdoor and indoor living space without risking getting sunburned. During summer, you can filter the sunlight and avoid direct exposure that can cause premature aging.

You might want to particularly look into buying CPSC-compliant outdoor blinds and shades known to provide protection to small children and your pets if you have them afoot.

Furniture Protection

With harsh sun exposure, you don’t want your furniture to end up partially or completely discoloured. This can happen with constant sun exposure. UV rays are also known to damage natural materials such as fabrics and wood, causing wood stains to lose its lustre and dyes to fade.

window blinds

Do’s & Don’ts in Shopping for Blinds

Are you contemplating on getting Gold Coast blinds for your home? Aside from shade sails that add a wonderful finishing touch to your exterior, blinds offer a great way to update your living space without spending a fortune. Before you go shopping for window blinds, it is highly recommended to do your homework to best determine which would work best for you.
Form and function are two main considerations when choosing window blinds. They are not only designed to filter out sunlight and provide privacy, blinds can also make or break the overall look of your home.
Here are some tips from the blinds installation experts from Coastwide Shade Sails:

If They Don’t Match, Don’t Force It

It is important to carefully take into account your existing interior design when choosing your window blinds. While you may like the colour of a particular design, it may end up sticking out like a sore thumb against your interiors. If the colours are not properly coordinated, it will may make your house look disorganised and busy.
Try to do colour blocking, keeping in mind that the blinds should blend in seamlessly to your current home décor.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality should be a main consideration when choosing window blinds. As it everything else, quality dictate the longevity of your blinds. It’s a great investment for your home that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Leave It to the Experts

A lot of people often think that the installation of window blinds is relatively easy that they can just DIY. If you don’t have the right tools and experience, it’s best to commission expert installers like Coastwide Shade Sails. Otherwise, you may run the risk of doing inadvertent damage.

Hold Back on the Painting

If you are planning a home makeover, it is best to purchase the blinds and curtains first before you paint the house. This will give you more freedom to choose the blinds and curtains and select the paint colour to complement your choices.