Window Awnings Queensland

Window Awnings Brisbane Style is in a League of its Own


Few places in Australia offer such contrasting cultures quite like Brisbane. The capital of Queensland has long been the hub that ties much of the east coast together. It serves as a middle point between other major destinations, and as a result, experiences quite the influx of traveler’s. It’s no surprise then that even a traditionally ‘business-styled’ city like Brisbane is not lacking when it comes to friendly, free-flowing urban styles and leisure aesthetics. Gifted with an already robust and sophisticated city population to begin with, the city—with its myriad assortment of fine commercial establishments—is quick to recognise the potential customer in the transient traveler. That is why a welcoming visual environment that exudes both class and quaint sensibilities is important. And let’s not forget the equally-important need to tie in two of the city’s most inviting features—overall good year-round weather and a charming outdoor environment.

The conscious effort to achieve this ‘urban-outdoor’ aesthetic in the city has never been more exemplified than by the near-ubiquitous use of window awnings for commercial establishments. Bars, dining-joints, office buildings, and leisure centers, all make use of this nifty and stylish accessory. Accentuating windows with tastefully colourful designs is the new fad among business owners. Window awnings Brisbane style is best described as treading the line between urban and suburban flavours.

For commercial establishments like restaurants and small styled stores, popping an awning on top of your windows is a good idea. Apart from the obvious functionality that an awning provides in terms of shade and protection from the elements, eye-catching designs from manufacturers like Coastwide Shade Sails can really promote visibility and add an impression factor. Pastel colours are suitable for bistros and other establishments that are expected to exude ‘a touch of class’; while more vibrant colours are recommended for beach-front and near-boardwalk stores, and also if you want put out a more ‘fun’ vibe for your store front.